Increase Confidence in Business Data Automate your Oracle ERP Testing with OATS


Oracle E-Business Suite powers key business processes in more than 10,000 enterprises. Yet, many Oracle customers fail to leverage the platform fully. Lack of a well-formulated testing strategy keeps customers from achieving full RoI on their ERP investment. With Agile development methodology finding broad adoption in the technology ecosystem, the demand for continuous regression testing (integral to continuous development and integration effort) is in the ascendancy. Effective testing of applications often gets neglected in the quest for faster market access and lower spending. Selective use of testing automation in the enterprise software testing regime can reduce both QA costs and time to market.

With a portfolio of test automation services, including test automation consulting, Polaris associates can develop testing automation assets for enterprises to drive down overall testing costs while also supporting the acceleration of release cycles.

Test Automation Services

To help enterprises implement testing automation for their Oracle application portfolio, Polaris Associates offers end-to-end testing services for continuous monitoring of application quality, performance, and reliability. Our Testing Services Suite encompasses functional, technical, and specialized testing services. We support both manual and automated testing of on-premise, cloud, web, and enterprise applications.

Automated testing services offered:
  • Feasibility Assessment and Test Coverage Analysis
  • Testing Tool Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Automation Framework Design and Implementation
  • Automated Test Scripting and Execution with Data Management
  • Creation of Automated Regression Testing Suite
  • Test Automation for Various Technologies and Platforms – Web / Web Services/ Mainframe / Client Server

Types Of Testing

  • Regression Testing – Ensures that code changes altered or broken existing functionality. In projects that involve frequent releases, this type of testing enables early bug detection and bug fixing. Automated regression testing is more reliable and costs less than human-driven regression testing.
  • Performance Testing – Performance testing helps enterprises simulate and evaluate the performance of their application(s) under varying conditions. Automated performance testing is a practice that is slowly gaining popularity due to its role in delivering consistent user experience and lower infrastructure costs.
  • BI/DW testing – Data Warehouse (DW)/Business Intelligence (BI) testing ensures information accuracy, reporting efficiency and data security. Automation of BI/DW testing can replace unstructured, manual and individual, development-driven test activities that are expensive and error-prone.

What We Test

  • Web, Mobile, and ERP Applications
  • BI and Data Analytics Solutions

Testing Automation Implementation Path

Our testing experts combine experience in architecting automation journeys with relevant domain knowledge to deliver the value that you seek through test automation. We follow a proven implementation path to fully align every phase of your automated testing cycle to your enterprise goals and objectives.
  • Assessment of your testing needs and application landscape
  • Evaluation of your existing automation solution and tool inventory (if any)
  • Tool selection, proof of value and implementation roadmap
  • Creation and execution of automated test scripts
  • Design of automated regression tests with multiple execution options
  • Training and transfer of automation test suite to client
  • On-demand maintenance, support, and optimization of test suite

Tools We Use

Polaris associates is an Oracle certified Partner with strong proficiency in Oracle application testing suite (OATS) tools and accelerators. Our testing professionals leverage OATS products to support testing needs across the complete lifecycle of your Oracle applications.

OATS tool we use for:
  • Functional and Regression Testing – Oracle Functional Testing Suite
  • Performance and load testing – Oracle Load Testing Suite
  • Test process management – Oracle Test Manager

Test Automation with Polaris Associates: Benefits

Being an Oracle Platinum Partner, Polaris associates has developed strong expertise in the Oracle’s suite of testing and performance assurance tools. We use our vast implementation experience and Oracle product expertise to create and deliver value through testing automation.
  • High test coverage
    With the help of a feasibility study, we identify and execute high automation coverage scenarios (up to 80%).
  • Customer-friendly format
    We present test cases and expected results in a user-friendly format for easier understanding.
  • Training
    We train the client’s internal testing team to deliver automated test support throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Flexibility
    Design testing suite with flexible execution options – application level, test case level, etc. across different testing environments.