Create Integrated Data Experiences that Drive Intelligent Operations.


In today’s technological world, enterprises are challenged with storing increasing amounts of data in multiple formats from multiple domains, platforms, and technologies synchronized and harmonized as a single version of the truth: master data (MDM). MDM creates a single data source that enables a trusted enterprise-wide view of business data with rule-based governance, user-friendly dashboarding, analytical graph-based exploration, and dynamic self-service access capabilities.

Orbit Software Solutions MDM services are designed to help organizations integrate, transform, and improve business data from multiple channels (traditional, legacy, and new age) for smarter, faster, and stronger decision making.

Polaris MDM Services

We design, transform and execute intelligent MDM operations for clients.  From MDM assessments to complete end-to-end implementations, our services enable data consolidation, cleansing, governance, and sharing across the enterprise so that your business and its systems can work off of a single, high-quality master data source.

Polaris Master Data Management Capabilities

MDM needs a vision-led strategy and plan to be successful. Our deeply experienced team can help you with MDM strategy, implementation roadmap, governance framework, SOA-based integration architecture, tool implementation, and ongoing support to enable mastery of high-quality business data.

  • Our services target all aspects of your enterprise data from multiple domains or systems and deliver it to your users in a single trusted view.
  • Our MDM drives business value alignment, actionable insights and strict governance, and policy compliance across the enterprise.
  • We enable a highly configurable framework that supports hybrid cloud environments and allows the orchestration of data across the complete information lifecycle.
  • Our MDM empowers both business and IT users to innovate new analytical, self-service, governance, and user experience capabilities.

Oracle MDM

Though Oracle offers a robust business process and inter-department integration capabilities, it is easily susceptible to bad data. ERP implementation without good data – data that is timely, reliable, accurate and complete – is ineffective.

A good Master data source is a prerequisite for good data, and has the following attributes:
  • User-friendly: Easy User Interface (UI) with self-service access and reliable reporting and dashboarding capabilities.
  • Error-free: Provision of error checking, access control, and approval features to enable stakeholder signoff.
  • Synchronized: Zero latency between the time data is created and consumed in downstream transactions.
  • Single Version: Harmonized across applications with no gaps between data in the ERP and data in the MDM.

Oracle MDM provides all the functionalities required to manage data over its full lifecycle from capturing data to cleansing, de-duplication, processing and distributing the final, valid version to operational systems in MDM models, like registry, centralized, consolidated or co-existence hubs.

Oracle's MDM Solutions
  • Oracle Data Relationship Management
  • Oracle Customer Hub
  • Oracle Data Relationship Governance
  • Oracle Enterprise Data Quality
  • Oracle Product Hub
  • Oracle Site Hub
  • Oracle Supplier Hub

Why Us

As experts in MDM, we guarantee implementation success. And, for us success means an MDM that delivers an accessible and up-to-date single version of the truth to the entire enterprise and leads to process efficiencies, and cost-reduction.
  • We provide strong expertise in major MDM domains (product, client, address) and MDM architectural styles (registry, consolidated, coexistence, transactional).
  • We deliver MDM solutions for different scenarios and use cases (analytical, operating, collaborative).
  • We offer hands-on experience in building data reference models for a variety of enterprises including ones in complex verticals such as manufacturing or banking.
  • We provide essential competence in SOA-based integration, which is fundamental to fully integrated corporate MDM service.
  • Our MDM consulting services help you plan, adopt and mature master data management within your organization.