Get the Right Information, to the Right Stakeholder, in the Right Format


Enterprises worldwide now face the challenge of extracting meaning from an ever-growing portfolio of data assets. Embracing data visualization helps business turn raw data into meaning and meaning into understanding. Visualization is integral to any BI and analytics regime. It accelerates time-to-insight by reducing the time and effort needed to identify correlations and complex patterns from large data sets. Interactive data visualization lets enterprises further expand their use of visualization by empowering business users to drill down into charts and graphs with more detail, interactively changing the data seen and processed.

At Polaris Associates, we believe in the power of visualization. Our data visualization services help enterprises leverage visuals for data2insight journeys.

What Enterprises Can Do With Data Visualizations

Corporations worldwide, regardless of industry or size, are using data visualization to make sense of their data. Through data visualization adoption, businesses aim to empower their personnel with tools that help them perform data analysis and present actionable insights in interactive, simple, and intuitive formats.
  • Grasp information quickly
    Graphics allow easier comprehension of information than spreadsheets provide. Visualizations help enterprises address businesses problems or answer questions in a timelier fashion.
  • Discover relationships and patterns

    Graphics make recognition of complex patterns and correlations easy. New insights help enterprises understand factors impacting their business at a deeper level which drives better decisions.
  • Spot emerging trends
    Visualizations quickly help enterprises spot and address outliers that affect business performance. Early identification of business and market trends can give businesses a competitive edge.
  • Build a shared understanding
    Graphical representations make communication of insights to relevant stakeholders quick and easy. Shared understanding of factors impacting business dynamics

Data Visualization Services

Storytelling that is business relevant – the governing idea behind Polaris Associates Data visualization services. Our services cover the full data visualization process from identifying internal audience needs, communication preferences, and industry benchmarks to building actionable dashboards, custom reports, scorecards, and visuals.

The Polaris visualization services portfolio includes:
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Self-Service Reporting Setups
  • Geo-Visualization Services
  • What-If Analysis Reports
  • Interactive Reports and Dashboards
Data Visualization Techniques

We use a variety of techniques to create visualizations that score high on appeal, retention, and comprehension. Techniques we–

Temporal Data Visualization

Linear visualizations used for forecast reports, anomaly detection reports and more.
  • Connected Scatter Plots
  • Time Series Diagrams
  • Polar Area Diagrams

Statistical Data Visualization

Visualizations used to depict multidimensional data entities of numerical and statistical data types.
  • Pie Charts
  • Histograms
  • Scatter Plots

Hierarchal Data Visualization

Best suited to visualize data elements with dependent-parent relationships like tree maps.
  • Ring Charts
  • Dendograms
  • Tree Diagrams

Network Data Visualization

Visuals that display relationships between different data sets. E.g.: Process flow charts, sociograms.
  • Matrix Charts
  • Node-link Diagrams
  • Alluvial Charts

Data Visualization Challenges We Solve

Implementing data visualization imparts right focus to the reporting process. A well-formulated data visualization solution saves time spent searching for insights and shifts focus to better. Poor implementations, on the other hand, increase time to insight and delay decision-making.
  • Complex reports & dashboards
    Too many elements or colors make reports difficult to understand. We focus on design and use consistent and relevant colors and chart types to convey meaning instantaneously.
  • Overlook user roles
    Data visualization fails when it does not deliver the right data to the relevant user in the right format. We tailor dashboards and reports to the role’s responsibilities and decision-making needs.
  • Limit root cause analysis
    We ensure data granularity for stronger analysis. We offer drill-down and filtering options so that answers to difficult business questions can be found by looking from various angles.
  • Lack of flexibility
    Visual output needs to be optimized for viewing device. We give you secure, speedy and real-time access to reports and dashboards that are optimized for the mobile-viewing.

Our Competencies

We leverage expertise in Oracle and Talend visualization tools and in Microsoft SharePoint and Oracle Portal technologies to deliver the right graphic output for every context and role.

Our professionals have expertise across a wide array of patterns and can easily identify the visual format – charts, maps, scorecards, barometers, stoplights, and more – required to bring you the whole story – or the part you have chosen – in a single glance.

Supported data visualization tools:
  • Oracle Data Visualization Desktop (DVD)
  • Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service
  • Oracle Data Visual Analyzer (VA)
  • Orbit Reporting and Analytics