Reduce Operation Cost and Enhance ROI with our Enterprise Integration Solutions


DevOps is about extending many of the concepts of agile development to operations in addition to fostering greater collaboration between Dev and Ops. That means that the core best practices of Agile Development – like automation, version control, and continuous delivery – are applied to the creation, configuration and on-going lifecycle management of your Oracle platform. Polaris’s approach to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) provides a flexible and agile environment that adapts to your team’s needs, removes barriers between roles, and streamlines processes so you can focus on delivering high-quality software faster and more efficiently.

Our Agile DevOps services enable clients to develop a roadmap that outlines their goals and timelines and defines how to integrate DevOps automation into their environment.  Continuous development, delivery, integration, and testing is part of the DevOps framework of operations and is executed by development-testing-operations teams.

Continuous Integration and Code Inception are the key elements of a development practice. Polaris DevOps solutions help you carry out integrations and improve team productivity as a whole.

Service Offerings

As more and more companies consider a cloud-based infrastructure, they look for flexible and scalable enterprise-class solutions that can address their evolving business needs. These solutions require an ERP implementation methodology that integrates agile practices with DevOps.

Our specific services include:

Strategic and End-to-End

  • Transformation Assessment and Consulting
  • DevOps Tools Evaluation
  • End-To-End Transformation with Agile and Devops Implementations

Focused Services

  • Continuous Delivery/Deployment
  • Continuous Integration
  • Build and Release Management
  • Configurations and Environment Management
  • Project Management Services

Tools we use

Oracle Developer Cloud Service provides a complete development platform that streamlines team development processes and automates software delivery. The integrated platform includes issue tracking system, agile development dashboards, code versioning and code review platform, continuous integration and delivery automation, as well as team collaboration features such as wikis and live activity stream. With a rich web-based dashboard and integration with popular development tools, Oracle Developer Cloud Service helps deliver better applications faster.

Oracle Management Cloud
Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) is a suite of next-generation integrated monitoring, management, and analytics cloud services that leverage machine learning and big data techniques against the full breadth of the operational data set. OMC’s Unified Platform helps customers improve IT stability, prevent application outages, increase DevOps agility and harden security across their entire application and infrastructure portfolio The three newly available services include Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service, Oracle Log Analytics Cloud Service, and Oracle IT Analytics Cloud Service.

Oracle Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Cloud Service

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Oracle Log Analytics Cloud Service

Monitors, aggregates, indexes, and analyzes all log data from your on-premises and cloud applications and infrastructure—enabling users to search, explore, and correlate this data to troubleshoot problems faster, derive operational insight and make better decisions.

Oracle IT Analytics Cloud Service

Provides 360-degree insight into the performance, availability, and capacity of applications and IT investments, enabling executives, analysts, and administrators to make critical decisions about their IT operations based on comprehensive system and data analysis.

What we Deliver

Our offerings can help in providing:
  • Well-tested code
  • Improved code quality
  • Verified artifacts ready for deployment
  • High quality build and code reports
As a part of our Continues Development and Deployment Automation services we offer:
  • Automated, error-free, and faster deployment
  • Single click or continuous deployment
  • Single-tool deploying in all environments
  • Deployment metrics