Accelerate your Data Mastery Journey


An enterprise data warehouse is a single, unified backend data repository that stores and stages business data and optimizes it for access and analysis. Enterprises invest in EDW to enable on-demand access to accurate, up-to-date, and trusted information for data-driven decision making.

We create and implement Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) solutions that allow enterprises to quickly assemble large data sets from internal and external sources and process them for transformational insights.  Our well architected EDW solutions let enterprise executives fully leverage data from both traditional sources (ERP, CRM, etc) and emerging sources (social, IoT) of data.

Benefits of Enterprise Data Warehousing

  • Creates a single, unified source of truth
  • Increases query and analysis performance
  • Maintain data history and integrity.
  • Improves data quality, consistency, and accuracy
  • Data is available for easy and timely access.

Our EDW Services

We specialize in the design and implementation of an EDW framework – for both on-premise and cloud environments. Our data warehouse solutions are designed to be flexible and scalable.Polaris Associates EDW services include ETL, data modelling, data governance across the enterprise.

Our Key Offerings:
  • Analysis and Roadmap
    Identify business requirements, determine current data warehouse maturity, assist in building a business case and define implementation roadmap.
  • Design and Architecture
    Develop semantic and schematic models to address both business users’ management information systems (MISs) and business intelligence (BI) analytical needs.
  • Data Transformation
    Perform extract, transform and load (ETL) operations to process inconsistent data, cleanse data, filter data and load data from source to staging to ODS or warehouse.
  • Reporting and Analytics
    Support ad hoc and automated reporting and analysis, by defining OLAP cubes, dimensions, and semantic layers to enable query processing.
  • Manage and Optimize
    Review performance and capacity utilization. Perform regular maintenance and implement workload management tools, and tuning techniques for further optimization.

Data Warehousing Capabilities

We leverage leading database technologies like Talend and Oracle to deliver end-to-end database architecture, development, deployment, and maintenance services to our customers.

Why Us

From managed services and consulting, to projects, and 24×7 operational support, Polaris Associates has you and your data covered. We can support projects of any size and complexity. Fortune 100s to mid-sized companies and startups have leveraged our robust support services to build revenue-generating data infrastructure.

Enterprises that use our EDW services experience the following benefits:
  • Quick-start and minimal time to market
    Develop and implement reusable approaches
  • Well-defined data privacy policies
    Implemented across automated and on-demand jobs
  • Lesser non-production data foot print
    Implement subset strategy to enable cost savings
  • Reduced audit and compliance costs
    Automate and centralize controls to simplify audit