We Want Success – for our Customers and for Ourselves. We Enable it by Delivering Technology that Meets Business Goals

Company Overview

The word Polaris is derived from the Greek word Stella Polaris and it means North Star, a symbol of reliability used by sailors throughout the history.

In 2006, a group of Oracle executives with more than 80 years of combined experience in the Oracle ERP space saw a need for an easier, higher quality reporting solution. They recognized that business users needed better operational reporting capabilities and high quality professional services at a reasonable cost. To meet this need, this group of Oracle executives founded Polaris Associates, an Oracle Platinum Partner, and created the Reporting Workbench product, an immediate success in the marketplace.

What We Do

At Polaris, our internal mantra is Powered by knowledge, Driven by values for a reason. Customer satisfaction is an integral part of our company ethos, and we are passionate about delivering the solutions our customers love. Our products have robust engineering below the surface, but the user experience is designed to be extremely simple and adaptable. By providing optimal business solutions and accelerating the achievements of our customer business objectives, small non-profit organizations to Fortune 100 companies have recognized us as a strategic partner.

Who Our Employees Are

Our employees are committed to providing powerful results that help improve our clients businesses through strong collaboration and knowledge sharing. As thought leaders in the space, our employees present at conferences and use tradeshows to interact with customers to hear the real world problems our business software needs to solve.But our employees are much more than their roles at Polaris Associates.The people who make up our team take the time to pursue their own passions that range from music to hiking to participating in international charities. Our employees have run marathons, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, are fluent in over a dozen languages from around the world, and continue to achieve extraordinary successes that help them grow both personally and professionally.

Where We are Headed

Since our start in 2006, Polaris Associates has grown substantially in the United States and across other countries, with no sign of stopping. We have grown exponentially in Asia Pacific and Australia, and we are proud to work with partners all over the world. Polaris Associates, Inc. DBA ( Doing Business As ) Orbit Analytics has its corporate headquarters in Atlanta, US and its India operations are headquartered in Hyderabad as Orbit Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.