Reduce Operation Cost and Enhance ROI with our Enterprise Integration Solutions


Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is the use of technologies and services across an enterprise to enable the integration of software applications and hardware systems. We focus our efforts on comprehensive Enterprise Application management, Middleware administration and support services. Seamless enterprise integration enables a real-time flow of information between disparate applications and enhances business agility and decision-making capabilities.

Our Enterprise Application Integration solutions are designed to deliver measurable results and rapid ROI and strike the right balance between business and IT needs.

EAI Consulting

Polaris engages to evaluate current as well as future integration needs and assists with the assessment of disparate ecosystems. Our consultants can also help identify specific problem areas and provide suitable EAI solutions, using  Oracle Fusion Middleware technology. Our team works in partnership with you to define your company’s vision, implementation roadmap, and associated programs for efficient application integration that governs the organization strategy.

SOA Implementation and Support

Polaris SOA integration solutions help you leverage existing resources and enable end-to-end integration between cloud, legacy and enterprise applications. We use open source and Oracle integration technologies to connect end-to-end business processes across your enterprise – including Oracle E-Business Suite, Integrated SOA Gateway, Oracle SOA Suite, and Oracle Application Adapters, and other options for integrating Oracle E-Business Suite with other applications.

Open Source and Standards-Based Integration

Open Source and Standards-Based Solutions means the increase in development times. However, the solutions are light-weight, cheaper and ensure no vendor lock-in. Polaris brings experience in Consulting, Product Evaluation and developing solutions using Open Source technologies like Talend Open Studio, Jaspersoft ETL and Pentaho’s Data Integration.

Legacy Application and Data Integration

This involves integrating backend legacy systems with front-end applications like portals and CRM solutions. Currently, we provide solutions using leading EAI tools like Talend, TIBCO, and BizTalk. Polaris expertise in Oracle Middleware, databases, and other legacy applications gives us an edge in providing integration solutions for complex integration scenarios.

Tools we use

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)

Polaris has expertise in implementing Oracle powerful implementation integration platform – Oracle Integration Cloud Service(ICS). ICS provides native SaaS Adaptor to integrate seamlessly with your Oracle E-Business Suite and can also be leveraged to integrate to non–Oracle on-premise or cloud applications.

This integration platform claims NO Code Integration, which offers solutions for application integration, process automation, and adaptive case management. It comes with ready-made integrations, 100+ SaaS adapters, a visual development environment, and rich analytic capabilities.

Oracle SOA Suite (On-Premises)

Complete suite for building service-oriented architecture (SOA). Management of BPEL processes, web services and complex events, business rules and the service bus with hundreds of applications adapters are the most important features for implementing BPM solutions. Pre-Made reference processes and integration components ensure a high return on investment.

Oracle SOA Cloud

In the SOA Cloud, Service Components of the Oracle SOA Suite are deployed in the Oracle Public Cloud allowing for digitalization projects to be implemented even faster. Administrators have full access to the SOA Suite software for tuning, configuration, and monitoring activities. In SaaS integration, the SOA Cloud impresses with included cloud adapters and REST/JSON and SOAP/XML features.

Managed File Transfer Cloud Service

Oracle Managed File Transfer Cloud Service (Oracle MFT CS) enables secure file exchange and management between the cloud and both SaaS or on-premise enterprise applications. Oracle Public Cloud provides the necessary cloud platform and infrastructure for provisioning your MFT cloud environment. Together, they protect against inadvertent access to unsecured files at every step in the end-to-end transfer of files. The MFT Console is easy to use, especially for non-technical staff, so you can leverage more resources to manage the transfer of files. The extensive reporting capabilities allow you to get a quick status of a file transfer and resubmit it as required.

Talend Data Integration

Business-to-business or business-to-consumer applications, we have built and deployed data integration solutions to integrate data using the Talend ETL and Talend DI capabilities.

What we Deliver

Our EAI service competence assists you with various aspects of the Application and Data Integration areas in collaboration with your internal IT teams, such as:
  • Collaborating with your team to help build a scalable architecture to meet your current and future needs, aligned with your organization’s policies and standards.
  • Reviewing your data management initiatives and requirements to identify the first-use case for a successful pilot implementation.
  • Linking business processes across applications for process integration.
  • Implementing business rules in the EAI environment.
  • Improving your user experience through the use of EAI as a common front-end (Portal).
  • Providing detailed design, data mapping, profiling, and data quality rules that need to be built to meet the requirements of the pilot-use case.
  • Exception handling, logging, alerts, and audit tracking related considerations on deployment.

Why Us

Polaris Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) center is founded on our extensive background in deploying and supporting EAI Technology across varied platforms. We know how to make EAI a smooth, prompt and cost-efficient process void of bottlenecks associated with the expenditures, time, resource availability and subject matter competence.
  • Polaris EAI experience includes middleware, SOA, and Web Services technologies from multiple vendors, using these stacks as well as interoperating the fitting components from different vendors.
  • We derive our integration solutions from years of cross-industry experience and technology expertise. Highly scalable and based on new platforms like the cloud and virtual servers, they are readily adapted for future requirements.
  • Expertise in Oracle Fusion Middleware such as Oracle SOASuite, OSB, BAM, Business Rules, OID, ECM, Oracle Portal, Web center, and more.
  • Developing integrations with Oracle SOA Suite, SOA Gateway, EBS, Webservices, and Legacy Applications.